JaFrass addresses rumours he was beaten by Mavado’s camp… Says Mavado & Akaline fake [Video]

JaFrass stopped by The Fix and addressed rumours of him being beaten by Mavado’s camps at Uptown Mondays, fired shots at MVP (Mavado, Alkaline & Jahmiel) for being fake and hailed Not Nice as the best producer in dancehall.

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Mofraudo fake like wash over gold… Dem boy deh use to bun batty man n man weh suck pussy but look pon mofraudo now smfh him n alka a germs

War mi nuh

Jatrash a who u bredda go look song sing nuh body nuh see u u worst fake than mvp u not even reach 1% to be a artist

When last unnuh see flexx or wastecross pon a stage…. Unnuh better low out the great #jahfrass ennuh

A who him