Jah Cure attacked for Sharing Chalice With 3 Men

Jah Cure is the latest entertainer to experience the wrath of social media users as they lashed out against the singer for an Instagram post he made on Wednesday.

In a video uploaded to his official IG account, Jah Cure could be seen sharing a bong with three men as they traveled in a car.

Social media users were not upset at the deejay for smoking the bong, but, instead, bashed him for sharing the chalice with the other men without sanitizing it first.

In the video, the Unconditional Love singer could be seen taking the chalice from the mouth of one of his cronies. He then put the chalice in his mouth and puffed on it without wiping it off. The other men who smoked from the chalice also failed to wipe the instrument before putting their mouths on it.

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