Jahmiel Warns Vershon That He Will Turn His Youth In His Step Son

Vershon & Jahmiel are clearly taking aims at each other in recently released songs.

Vershon released a song a few days ago titled “Too Young” where he sings about getting girls before he entered music and that he is “too young to ketch feelings.”

In a particular verse he sings…‘no gyal never clown mi play wid mi feelings and left mi hurt so mi na question no gal fi tell mi if we ago work.’

Many are of the view that the song is a direct response to a song released about a month ago by Jahmiel ft. Shenseea titled “Tell Me.” Apart of the song Jahmiel sings…‘when we link up yo say the right stuff girl a you have the right touch believe mi yo have mi heart but we on and off just tell me if it ago work.”

However, Jahmiel fired back at Vershon in a song titled “Too Dumb.” In this song Jahmiel says he has never used young as an excuse and warns Vershon to mine he turns his son in “his step youth.”

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Like seriously.. This really nuh fit u Jahmeil nor Vershon stick to positive music…that’s what u guys are known for best.

Things *

Real meds.. Them not even buss’big’ the right way as yet Smh.

I agree just make unu music no need for fights, two of u are talented and make good music plz continue

Sha Shan