Jamaica Carnival Sets To Explode, Will Attract Lots Of Visitors

The Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett has revealed that preparations are firmly in place ahead of the inaugural staging of Carnival in Jamaica.

“It is our intention to make Carnival in Jamaica a national product that our visitors can look forward to experiencing each year. So this will become an annual undertaking which will transform the carnival experience locally. It is our aim to have Carnival in Jamaica become on par with or even better than carnival in our sister Caribbean island of Trinidad, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Notting Hill in London or any of the other big carnivals in major capitals of the world,” said Edmund Bartlett.

According to the Chairman of the Sports and Entertainment Network, Kamal Bankay he, “truly believe that Carnival in Jamaica is a powerful initiative as it has brought together all the Carnival bands for the first time to work together to create the biggest and best carnival experience Jamaica has ever seen. We are very grateful for the support received from all our partners, such as the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, the Mayor of Kingston and the NSWMA to facilitate City Branding reflective of the personality and identity of Kingston for promotional activities,” he said.

The minister of Tourism Edmund Batlett, says Carvinal Jamaica is to develop the various musical experiences that make the visitors want to travel to the island to enjoy themselves and spend while doing so.

Carnival in Jamaica will be used as the umbrella brand for all carnival activities during the peak period of April 14 to 24, this year, making it a national product.

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