Jamaica defeated 2-0 by Panama

Jamaican Reggae boyz had to accept defeat last night But for Panama victory was sweet. Yes the Reggae Boys were defeated 2 nil
and the Panama supporters in the national Stadium were having quite a thrill

Jamaica reggae boyz needed to win Such a very important game, to boast their qualifying chances. On the night they just were not able to hold their heads high and find the back of the net. while on the other hand the Panama team did very well and manages to pierce the goal twice. They have young talented players with great stories to tell

The Reggae Boyz were in need of a good goal scorer
If only they could find one ,they would be able to do so much better You see football can be a game that requires great planning
The coach needs to be very aware of all that is happening or was it because the head couch was missing in action because of suspension and the assistant coach who was put in charge just could not handle the intensity of the match.

No matter how good your team can play
They need to be able to score or else they won’t be able to say
They won a game and moved closer to being the champions
When they don’t score enough goals they can’t complete their mission

So Panama, finished 3rd at 2 of the 3 Gold Cups, twenty eleven and twenty fifteen, This is one of the team that looks like getting out of the group and making it to the next round.

And all those who cheer for Panama , will be singing a happy song
They will say their young players are very fit and strong
And how sweet it is to sing about sweet success
Team Panama looks the best so far in the group.

If you are a Jamaican reggae boyz supporter and still have your hopes up of them qualifying for the worldcup, make sure to check out their next match on tuesday. Haiti vs. Jamaica ~ CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier ~
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 6pm (Ja)
Stade Sylvio Cator, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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