Jamaican Nicholas (the Axeman) quits fight after suffering a few heavy blows

Jamaican Nicholas (the Axeman) Walters was defeated by Ukranian fighter Vasyl Lomachenko in Las Vegas on Saturday Night (November 9). The Axeman stunned the boxing world by committing the ultimate sin (quitting). Muhammad Ali wouldn’t quit he fought all the way to the 12th round against ken Northon with a broken Jaw.

“I think basically it was inactivity. It has been a while since I’ve been in the ring. Going back into the ring after so much layoff, it wasn’t a warmup fight. He was the champ. He was on target. You could see he was on target more than I was. He was throwing some pretty good shots in the last round and my corner decided to stop the fight.” Nicholas said after the fight.

“Unfortunately, the inactivity, it took a toll on my body. I tried. I tried each and every round to catch him but my punches kept on hitting his guard or he’s off range. If I had maybe one or two warmup fights, then take him on at the end of this year … I wasn’t finding my reach. Everything was off. It was an off night for me tonight.”

The fight concluded in the seventh round after Walters quit on his stool without much visible damage to his face.
Following the fight Lomachenko said Nicholas is a good fighter but he stood there and made it easy for him.

“My goal is to be the No 1 pound for pound fighter in the world. I had my plan I knew it would take about four rounds and then I went to work on him. In the end he just quit.” He adds.

Check out highlights from match below…

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Homie said ‘no mas’, ‘mi done’, ‘I’m not going on’ . He got beat in every language. Still mad respect, he had a couple good fights back in the day.