Jamaica's World Cup campaign still on track #TeamJamaica #ReggaeBoyz

The Reggae Boyz World Cup campaign regained some traction after their 4-1 victory over Antigua and Barbuda inside the National … Stadium last night This well-needed victory sees Jamaica advancing one step closer to their Brazil 2014 World Cup dream where they will begin competing against Panama, United States, Costa Rica, Honduras and Mexico when the last round begins in February 2013.

In an encounter that saw so much being dependent on the United States versus Guatemala game, the Reggae Boyz emerged victorious albeit in front of a less than flattering crowd support. In the end, Guatemala, the other contenders in the group, lost 3-1 to the United States.

THE STAR sought to canvas the views of a few spectators after the game;

Kaylia Williams, publicist, expressed, “I went in the stadium knowing that our team would be victorious. Overall, I am happy our team won 4-1… The overall performance could have been better though, so we need to work on our flaws so we can score some more goals in the next match.”

Taxi driver Mark Jones added, “Reggae Boyz all the way. Win, lose or draw enuh! Mi glad dem gone through, God know. We have a lot to fix up still cause the next round a go tougher and certain things we see a gwan now can’t follow the team to the next round.”

Lyshon Davis, promotion supervisor, said, “We should have scored more goals, we had the opportunities … we dominated the first half but were too relaxed. The wagonist dem stayed home … The true fans were at the stadium praying and hoping for the best.”

Jerome Morgan, accounts clerk, pointed out that, “The outcome of the game was expected … I knew Jamaica would win. Overall, how I feel about the team performance —(it is) poor, the team needs a coach. Also, the number 9 should not be in the team either … I don’t see his purpose.”

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