Judge Orders Police To Arrest Sean Kingston On Sight

A Florida Judge has ordered the arrest of Jamaican-born Pop star Sean Kingston after he skipped a court appearance.

According to The Jasmine Brand “the judge in the case ordered a write of bodily attachment – also known as a warrant for civil arrest in some courts – which directs all police to arrest Kingston on sight and take him into custody for his failure to appear at a hearing to determine if he was in contempt of court on June 7th.”

The judge says Kingston is to be held in jail until the court is open and he can be brought to explain himself. The order states the singer can only be released from jail if he posts $40,000 bond.

The backstory to all of this is a Florida based jewelry company sued the singer and also accused him of stiffing them on a $44,000 bill for jewelry they loaned to him. Apparently, a diamond bracelet as well as a Rolex were among the items Kingston borrowed and promised to pay for, but allegedly never did.

The jewelers claim Kingston was properly served with legal documents but failed to respond. Sean, however, claims he never knew about the case and was never served with the lawsuit. He blames a recent burglary to his Los Angeles home has forced him to relocate, creating confusion as to where he lives.

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