Junior Reid allegedly pulls gun and assault selector for not playing his song

Junior Reid could be facing some legal troubles after assaulting a sound system selector/disc jockey for not playing his music.

Sources told us that Reid and his entourage turned up at a dancehall session where DJ Wessy Wessy was playing and asked him to play one of his new songs.

The DJ refused to play the song and that resulted in a heated argument between himself and the veteran reggae singer. Sources say Junior Reid pulled a gun and assaulted the disc jockey before leaving the venue.

It’s unclear if a police report was filed but Wessy released a voicenote calling Junior Reid an extinct artist who need to cut his locks.

“Somebody will find you and cut your locks,” he said. “I don’t owe you any favors. You’re an extinct artist who need to retire.”

Patrons who attended Nipples Tuesday in Waterhouse, St Andrew this week saw Junior Reid and Wessy Wessy in a heated argument. Reid left the venue shortly after.

On a Whatsapp blast that surfaced on Friday, Wessy Wessy claimed that he was “violated” by Reid for not endorsing one of the singer’s songs and “bawling on it”.

“Junior Reid, somebody will dominate you and someone will cut your locks,” he said in the voice note heard by Loop on Friday. “I do not owe you any favours.”

He called Reid an “extinct artist” whose singles,including Human Nature, could not be played during the “puppytail segment of the party”.

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