Kaci Fennell blasted for colour preference post

A post made by former Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell has made her the subject of a social media lashing.

The beauty queen was attacked by social media users after making a blog post about chocolate that was largely misunderstood and misinterpreted.

The post, titled ‘Just for the Record’, was posted on her blog at www.fenmade.com last week, as her attempt at stating her preference for chocolate.

“Whether you are dark, brown or white, I am going to have a preference … and I’ll be honest I don’t like the whites, they rub me the wrong way and leave me so disappointed,” Fennell wrote.

“Darks are so damn bitter, I can hardly stand them either. Always bitter for no good reason, yes, you are in your natural form, but who cares … you could be a little sweeter to us all. The browns, I simply can’t get enough of you. So sweet, so pure, so kind to me … perfectly mixed. I will never put you away, I love you!”

While she made it clear towards the end of her post that she was talking about chocolate, her creative twist and clever play on words only got her in trouble with some social media users. The post came off wrong to many and they did not hesitate to blast the beauty queen.

“Wow! I guess intellect is really not a factor for this title,” said one user.

While another said: “This is the most uneducated rant ever. Shame on you. You should not be representing my country!”

“You sound prejudice,” said another.

Although many were upset about the post, others came to the defence of the former queen, praising her wit and creativity.

“Some people don’t even bother to finish reading, they started quarrelling and don’t realise she’s talking about chocolate,” said one user.

“Did some of you take the time to read the article? Nice twist, Kaci,” said another.

Others did not blast Fennell outright, but stated instead that with the knowledge of Jamaica’s colonial history and issues with race, she should’ve been more cautious.

“Horrible PR. Knowing our old colonial history and the institutionalised racism between dark-skin Jamaicans and their lighter brothers and sisters, it might have been better not to have made a joke like this one. Ninety per cent of the people who read the joke clearly missed it and were left with the wrong message. You see, the intent may be good, but if it brings the wrong message then we’ve just defeated the purpose all together,” said one user.

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