Kalado stumbled on top of a female patron in Guyana… Unfortunate yet funny

Dancehall Star Kalado had a unfortunate but funny incident during his performance in Guyana on Sunday. The venue, Club Monaco located in Georgetown, was packed to capacity as patrons came out in their numbers to see Kalado perform for the first time in Guyana as a headline act, and what a performance it was.

The artist was in the middle of a stellar performance of his hit single ‘make me feel’ when he suddenly lost balance and stumbled on top of a female patron…much to the delight of the crowd and not surprisingly the patron.

The artist soon got up, helped her up and apologised…but to his surprise her response was, ‘lets do it again’. Along with the crowd, Kalado laughed and resumed his performance with the single he recently shot a video for ‘Fling it Anywhere’. The fan reception was overwhelming as Kalado gave them a performance worth every penny paid.

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