Kapri Calls for a Change in Dancehall Music

Many will argue that dancehall music is dead or dying but for Kapri this is not so. He instead thinks that music is ever-changing and dancehall has reached the point where it has evolved.

“When I listen to music nowadays and compare it to dancehall music back in the 90s or early 2000, so much has changed. I don’t even think it is fair to call nowadays music dancehall. The original dancehall music is why I wanted to become an artiste. The hard-hitting beats the lyrics, the overall culture captivated me.” The “Bad by Myself” artiste says, what makes his music different from the nowadays act is that he stays true to his authentic dancehall roots.

“I want to bring back that nostalgic dancehall element that has been missing in the business for some time now and by doing this I have gone back to the grass roots of dancehall.

Kapri also posits the view that the reason why our music is lagging behind is because it lacks originality and the music is segregated.
“People from across the world loved dancehall music, because it offered difference. Now it’s been fused with other genres, suddenly everything start sounding the same. There’s a division within our music because the artistes think everything is a competition. No one paying respect to the icons and it is just a bunch of circus acts. It doesn’t even seem like they love the music that they are doing cause they are destroying the business with their gimmicks, the bleach out thing the one bag of piercings. This dancehall business needs to change.” Lamented Kapri.

The artiste is busy in studio working on new projects and is currently promoting his latest singles Anything and Thug Love featuring Addikshan.

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