KARTEL STILL SPEAKING LOUDLY FROM BEHIND BARS Despite Uptown Jamaica fighting his book

THE FIVE DAY COUNTDOWN OF KARTEL’S ONE YEAR OF DETENTION STARTS TODAY. HISTORICAL SOCIAL MEDIA DEBATE ON THE … INCARCERATION OF THE POOR IN JAMAICA TO BE HELD ON SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 29th, 2012 at www.vybzkartelbook.com from 4pm – 8pm Jamaica time.Company invites all stakeholders – Human Rights Groups, Attorney Associations, DPP, Ministries of Justice and Security and the Police to Participate. Also inviting ‘uptown’ to explain their resistance to the book since it is all facts. “Incarcerated But Not Silenced” KARTEL STILL SPEAKING LOUDLY FROM BEHIND BARS – Despite Uptown Jamaica fighting his book Ghetto People Publishing Company is Launching its 5 Day Countdown to Kartel’s One Year of Incarceration – and will Host an Online Forum on September 29th, 2012 – see vybzkartelbook.com for details. The company will release a message from Vybz Kartel each day until the 29th. September 29th, 2012 signifies one year since Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel was detained at the Altamont Court hotel in New Kingston. Since then, he has been held behind bars for nearly a year. Many thought that the system had silenced its most vocal critic in recent times but instead Kartel’s voice is speaking louder than before through his book VOICE OF THE JAMAICAN GHETTO, a book he wrote with Garveyite Michael Dawson. As the cover of the book states “INCARCERATED BUT NEVER SILENCED;” Adidja Palmer, through the book, is shouting out the plight of Jamaica’s poor for the world to hear. However, there are parts of the book that the system in Jamaica is uncomfortable with; as he exposes secrets of the past in Jamaica, current unscrupulous behavior by politicians and his commentary on a justice system that he depicts as being unfairly oppressive to the poor ghetto youths – that is mind boggling since it is the same justice system that Kartel’s life is literally in the hands of – is he going to be martyred? A recent article in the Star highlighted the fact that though major book sellers such as Sangster’s, Kingston Book Shop, LMH, Novelty Trading and I Nation are selling it; the “Uptown” bookstores and Christian Book Stores refuse to carry it. In fact, one store uptown that sold 80% of its first order in a short period; asked for the rest of the books to be picked up and requested that no more books from Vybz Kartel be delivered. Fans around the world can buy at www.vybzkartelbook.com.

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