Kasanova Manager Receives Death Threats

The manager of missing entertainer Kasanova has filed a police report following death threats and verbal abuse claiming that he is responsible.

Kasanova has been reported missing a week now and according to the Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU) the entertainer is still missing.

Kasanova left a troubling message on his official Instagram page. “Kasanova – It will all end soon. Rather die a free man than live in bondage.” Kassanova captioned Instagram

“There comes a time when you have to lose your life to live your life and lose all in order to win the one thing that matters most FREEDOM,” he said

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Why cassanova paying y’all to promote this bullshit he ain’t dead

Its a scam affair and problem between his 2 managers. Jay accused of scam by djlux. Djlux first got mad saying him na work no more with kasanova. I commented under his post saying why so much hate because kassa is not involved in it. He admitted it but was… Read more »

What’s really going on with this youth ???? Am really confuse also

Me finally see the news article… Earth dread and terrible

It come pon news say this man BBC dead mi confuse yf