K’Coneil’s LOVE/LUST EP Still Delivering Hits! After a year

“There is definitely a thin line between Love and Lust and this collection of songs really try to straddle the line. The results are really enamoring and exciting !!! These songs really embody my soul and state of mind at this time in my life.” K’Coneil


Top # 25 on on Billboard
Top 10 iTunes Reggae Chart

“Loving You Right” #1 on Richie B Music Countdown
“Hot Like You” #1 Video on Tempo TV Networks “Caribbean Charts”
“Hot Like You” and “Feel So Right” on Rotation Worldwide on Mainstream Radio
“Hot Like You” over 12 weeks on Euro Charts
“Feel So Right” in Top 20 National Airplay Top 200 Chart
“Feel So Right” in Top 10 National Airplay Top 150 Independent Chart

” You can’t go wrong with this record, it got that flow, it has the IT” – DJ Norie Radio Personality NY POWER 105 FM

“This record is gone, it’s gone, listen to me it’s bad, K’Coneil everyone watch out for him”- Bobby Konders NY HOT 97 FM

“As a blend of Sean Paul and Usher, I see K’Coneil as the promissory voice of the future. His dancehall flavor mixed with the pop yet edgy appeal is one that makes you want to dig a little deep and hear more” – Billboard recording producer Seanizzle

“Arriving as the boundaries between dancehall and pop are blurring more than ever before, K’Coneil brings a fresh new voice to the scene that’s right on time with the current moment.” – LargeUp.com

“He’s potentially Jamaica’s next international breakout artist” – Winford Williams Music journalist/TV host

“This guy has it together, not only does he look good, I love his writing skills but most of all I love his performing skills, and i love how he sings. His voice has a sweet tone and a lot of clarity and he has a signature sound. Im very impressed” – ZJ Sparks Producer/Radio personality

“K’Coneil makes music that reflects this blend of cultures organically without feeling forced or contrived. He has carved out his own lane within the music space, with a “genre fluid” style that’s sure to catch the ear of the wide world” – Rob Kenner Music Journalist/Complex, Boomshots,Mass Appeal

” Feel So Right is a smooth record to vibe out to. I love the way he did his own take on the classic Groove Theory record “Tell me” on one part of the song. Overall this is a great record.” – Mister Vince Full Throttle Radio syndicated / 30 US markets



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