Kes Looses His Locks and Soca Fans Can’t Handle It

Today, Trinidad soca star the Kees Dieffenthaller revealed his new look without locks and fans can’t handle it.

Dieffenthaller, who is known as much for his music as his hair, is now dreadlock-free and some women are mourning the loss on social media.

Other are celebrating his new direction.

“Dieffenthaller posted: “New look, new tings! We’ve kicked off our Endless Summer Sessions and you can expect more good things to come. Hope you folks will be tuning in next week Tuesday. Happy #TuesdayontheRocks #tuesdaywithoutlocs.” He wrote on Facebook.

“Do you bruh and keep pressing. Unlike Samson you STILL have your power locked in the blessing of your voice.” one fan wrote

“The dreads oh the dreads 😢😢😢. Still handsome as ever but ohhhhh the dreads gone 😢😢😢😢” another wrote


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He is a cutie but love the locks more