Kevin Hart Promises To Be A ‘better man’ During Comedy Show In Atlanta

Having already apologized to pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and his two children from a previous marriage over his “wrong behaviour”, Kevin Hart once again publicly expressed regret over his infidelity during a comedy show in Atlanta, Georgia.

“We got a lot of s**t to talk about, people. Before I go I want to tell y’all something and this is as real as it gets. The words of appreciation do no justice for what I feel for you guys.

“Let me tell you why I say that. I’m going through some s**t, I’m going through drama. And the best that you have when you’re going through drama is a support group that chooses to ride with you.

“I say thank you from the bottom of my heart because I want you guys to understand that I’m not perfect. But I understand that things happen when they are supposed to, things happen for a reason and in this particular case guys, I promise you I’m going to come out a better man, a better father, and a better husband.”


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