Keyshia Ka’oir Breaks Silence On ‘Kids In Ja’, “I Do Not Have 3 Kids In JAMAICA!!!”

Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane recently tied the knot in a lavish televised wedding ceremony, and while many are still congratulating the newlyweds on their nuptials, some are criticizing the bride for allegedly leaving her rumored “three children” and sister off of the guest list.

Now, the newlywed has taken to social media to share her side of the story.

According to, the rumors began when Tanya Dazzle, a woman claiming to be Keyshia’s sister, took to social media the day after the wedding special to express her disappointment of being left out of the celebration.

“Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for me because I watched my sister, the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen — walk down the aisle to marry the love of her life,” she wrote. “We always dreamed about your big day but I never would imagine this day would happen without me… My heart is filled with so many unanswered questions… No matter how much it might embarrass me, I couldn’t let this day go by without wishing you the best. Congratulations Mrs. Davis… From Sisily.”

In addition to Keyshia’s alleged sister’s remarks, there has been chatter all over social media that she has three children in Jamaica whom she chose to exclude from the festivities.

In an effort to clear her name, Keyshia took to Twitter to say that neither does she have three kids in Jamaica nor a sister.

There you have it!

Rapper Khia Claims Keyshia Kaoir Abandoned Her 3 Children In Jamaica To Marry Gucci Mane! [Video]

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Badmind is active…tru a Jamaican girl get unuh rich man to married to thats y unuh mad…what he too good for her?….heard she was with him when he was going tru shit…so what…am still listening cause i dont remember yaĺl saying anythong about that at the time…gwaan yah mi good… Read more »

So what if she has 3 children! She deserves a husband like women who Don’t have…way to go bro, she will multiple your assets…she knows how to throw pardna.

Khia how she reach inna the woman life… she neva have aids and dead one time!! Haters will hate… come thru Mrs. Davis

Him choose a jamaican girl she know how to take care of a man so him marry her real men want to know when anyone come to their home proper food cook good so him happy

Me love her me happy fi har she’s a fighter despite the odds she stuck it out wid him and him ride the wave wid her. As a black Jamaican oman, I think she has done well for herself, after my daughter give me brief history a research and me… Read more »