Khago Robbed By Gunmen

Dancehall/reggae artiste Khago was recently robbed at the construction site of his unfinished house in Mandeville, Manchester… According to the Nah Sell Out singer, members of his staff were robbed of cellphones and a bicycle “Mi just guh pon di site and gunman run een sey dem a look money, about six a dem wid gun,” Khago said.

“Dem butt up one a mi cousin wid gun and tek wey phone and bicycle when dem nuh get nuh money, but I didn’t lose anything else from the property because most of the things dem too heavy to move,” he said.

Feels violated

According to the artiste, he feels violated because he is trying hard to make a better life for himself.

“I feel violated still because from mi start build mi house a bare things start happen. When a nuh police a gunman, when yu a suffa you and everybody good, but as yu start mek a money inna life yu and everybody inna problem,” Khago said.

Khago believes he was set up by some of his own associates.

“More time yu same friend dem sell yu out. Because mi just buy some tiles fi tile out mi madda house and I rarely stay at that house. Suh how much man woulda know sey mi come home wid things?” he questioned.

However, the reggae artiste says he will remain focused on his goals and will not be distracted.

“Right now mi haffi just gwaan duh mi ting and nuh let people break mi, because a try dem a try discourage mi. The matter was reported to the police station and I will continue to strive to be the best that I can be. Some people just don’t want to work in order to make it, they want to survive by taking your things or threatening your life,” he said.

Checks made with the Newport police in Manchester confirmed that a report was in fact made. However, according the police, the report was incomplete as the two persons who were actually robbed, were not present at the time the report was being made.

In the meantime, Khago is gearing up for performances at Sting and GT Taylor’s Christmas Extravaganza. He is also expected to perform in Belize next week, then on to the United States, before closing off the festive season with shows in England.

Songs such as Pushing Me Away and Clean were recently released by the artiste. Khago also recorded a new song for Downsound Records selector and producer Foota Hype called Nuh Man Nah Mind Mi.

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