Kings and Queens (Africa) – TURBAN X [OMV]

watch this new music video of Kings and Queens by. TURBAN X [OMV] We were kings and queens back in africa, rulers of our kindoms, and we were leaders and warriors, i’ve got the proof to show, mah black skin don’t you know. Born north of Kingston, Jamaica, in the Parish of St. Andrew, Turban X (Warren Whyte) grew up as one of ten children. With such a large family, the struggles of life were eminent, but the only thing that had kept him going was the sweet sound of reggae music. Turban X’s mother, even though she didn’t have much to give her children, she gave them all she had, God. His mother would ensure that the children went to church and afterwards she would quiz them on bible verses which they would have to learn and repeat on a daily basis. A conformation of destiny came at the age of twelve when Turban X’s older brother sneaked him out of the house to an open mic stage show out in the street and coached him on stage. With a little encouragement from the crowd he gained confidence and boldly belted out his song as the crowd cheered and his faith was sealed. .Since then Turban X has performed in several venues with some of Jamaica’s top reggae artists, such as John Holt, Ernie Smith, Bushman, Brigadier Jerry and Beenie Man. At one point he also opened up for Sanchez. Turban X is not only inspired by the greats of reggae music, but also other genres including The Manhattans, Sam Cooke, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton just to name a few. Turban X is influenced by the various areas of reggae music and has given him a range of songs and types of music he plans to release. Turban X, with his clean lyrics and positive attitude, seeks to break through musical barriers. Currently, he is working on his upcoming album. Releasing the first single for that album entitled, “Jah Love”, Turban X is destined to be a living legend. For more information, bookings, dub plates, etc. 631.681.4161. email: [email protected]

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