Kiprich ignores babymada diss song

Dancehall artiste iKon D Link has released a song featuring Kiprich’s baby-mother, Miss Chin, called ‘Touch Mi Nuh’, which taunts Kiprich about their sexual relationship.

An explicit sex photo was released on the Internet last month, which showed iKon and Miss Chin in a compromising position. It was later revealed by Miss Chin that the photo was stolen from her phone.

Now the deejay, who rose to the media limelight when he climbed a radio-transmission pole and threatened to jump if his song wasn’t played, has released the song with the lyrics bragging: “A gyallis iKon, the gyal inna mi bed a Kiprich gyal. She just love the tower man”.

His lyrics were followed by Miss Chin’s, who also threw some jabs at her baby father, singing: “Choke me please, and then pull mi hair nuh, iKon, mi wah siddung pon yu like chair enuh, and mi nuh care if Kippo wah hear enuh”.

Not friends

The STAR contacted iKon D Link for comment on the single. He says he and Kiprich are not friends, and he even boasted about his relationship with Miss Chin.

“We are not friends because of the picture dem that come out with me and her. We are both artistes, so we decided to do a song. This is Jamaica, and when yu tek wey boy gyal, yu nuh hide. That is why I called his (Kiprich) name. People love the song,” he said.

When contacted, Kiprich did not comment on the photo leak of his child’s mother. However, he did say he was not going to feed iKon and Miss Chin’s hunger for popularity.

“Mi nah give dem nuh hype, dem nuh exist to me. Is nine years mi nuh talk to da girl deh,” Kiprich said while refusing to give any further comment.

The song was produced by UIM Records and has received over 30,000 views on YouTube.

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