Konshens responds to Foota Hype and tells fans to leave i-Octane name

Check out these videos below as dancehall artiste Konshens responds to comments following the damage of his vehicle couple days ago in Miami. Konshens shows us a video couple days ago and gave a description of a person that is next to i-octane, Today konshens post new video clips stating that people should leave i-octane name alone and also makes it clear that the two are not friends.

Man not even memba bout dat a rass😂. Mi a try crack di globe mi have time a sing fi man sah?? Lol.

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If Mi hate Dah boy yah one more time!! Mi sorry ishawna Neva drown Yuh with har pussy juice!! And get rid of u once and for all!! Chat too fucking much man!! Go take several seats in the far far corner!

Foota hype need a fucking life him duh everything fi get a ishawna buss & him naah get it him can’t even reach 300 pon him insta live kmft

If a never Foota..

The only classy and neat Jamaican airtist

yessss baby shut up the duty fucka