Konshens rocks “RETV Unplugged”

RETV Unplugged came to a captivating close with its usual fine performance with the artiste- who based on his performance can be officially dubbed ‘The Realest in Dancehall’ Konshens.
Konshens rocks supporters RETV Unplugged
The Countryside Club in HWT could not accommodate the fans that poured in for an overbooked guest list only event, but no surprise there as the name Konshens is definitely one of the top artistes coming out of Jamaica’s Dancehall Market. The surprise came when the artiste took to the stage, pulled up his stool and engaged the RETV Unplugged audience with unhurried, even-tempered and thought provoking lyrics from songs such as Call me, She’s Happy, Winner, and Father give you.
Konshens rocks RETV Unplugged interview
The acoustic set was a change from the usual round of songs for the ‘Gal a Bubble’ artiste. Maybe it had to do with it not just being RETV’s Unplugged Series but a special lady in the audience. Konshens’ fiancée was a part of the huge turnout at Countryside Club and she rocked the night away and didn’t seem to mind his extensive female fan base that screamed and sang along with the ‘They Say’ artiste.

By 10 minutes into his performance, it was clear that Konshens was a diverse and gifted artiste. His new band ‘Blue Print” supported him with confidence – just coming off the Toronto – rumor filled show. Konshens and his new band are definitely one to watch closely for 2015; as they could easily switch to ‘having a conscience’ and return to his Winner ways. Maybe we will see some ‘dread locks’

on the artiste as his alluded to during his performance. His statements however was greeted with a resounding ‘no!’ from his fans. It could have been their response which set Konshens off into a medley of dancehall tunes… the audience out their seat could not resist the call for ‘All the Independent

Caribbean Ladies,” which were all well represented at the show – along with international guests.

Surely Unplugged needs to put the series on the JTB calendar as the show maintains the type of sound and celebration of Jamaican music – that is untainted and undisturbed as the show’s tagline says.
Konshens rocks RETV Unplugged chris
Artistes that have braved the voice revealing show and accepted the invitation for 2014 were Tarrus Riley, Romain Virgo, Etana, Morgan Heritage, Bugle, Rootz Underground, NoMaddz, Chris Martin and a special Kingston Music Week showcase featuring D. Major, VoiceMail, Duane Stephenson and Mackeehan. According to RETV’s General Manager Stephen Greig, ‘Konshens was carefully selected as names such as Shaggy, Lady Saw circulated as possible acts for upcoming shows. Konshens was seen as a great fit and one able to close the series during the festive season. His itinerary has him touring for most of the year, and we wanted to support him as he regains the confidence of the Jamaican fans and promises an unforgettable 2015 for both his local and international fans.’

2014 closed by the realest in Dancehall Konshens and the anticipation is high as another 11 selected performers will be featured on the 2015 season of RETV Unplugged, due to begin in March 2015. Names such as Tanya Stephens, Bennie Man , Shaggy, the Marleys, Chronixx are some of the artistes being

RETV Unplugged is the flagship programme for the station RETV –Real Jamaican Television a member of the RJR Communications Group and can be seen on RETV – Flow392 | Telstar (digital platform) channel #583 | Logic One channel #731; this Sunday at 6pm. The show is proudly presented by Appleton Estate in association with TruJuice, Countryside Club, and is endorsed by The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

RETV has rebranded under the theme ‘Real Jamaica Television;

RETV can also be seen live 24/7 online on our site: www.realjamaicantelevision.com

RETV can be seen on the following Cable entities flow392 | Telstar (digital platform) channel #583 | Logic One channel #731;

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