Krystal Tomlinson Responds After Comment Made That D’Angel Looks Better Than Her

Krystal Tomlinson responds after person commented on one of her pictures on Instagram saying D’Angel looks better than her.

“Not telling no lie, ANGLE looks better than u by farrr… [@] Krystal Tomlinson,” user [@]_sky_shyyyyy wrote under a photo Krystal.

Tomlinson is a TV presenter and the current girlfriend of Beenie Man.

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How on earth is she going to understand what you write if she can’t spell Angel. Krystal, do her a favour and “draw ‘ your response…smh

Well said Krystal

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Both women are beautiful!

😂😂😂… Fi real.. Sometimes nuh care how u try to hide it still comes out. Stick to you real feeling’s.