Laden says is new song is not promoting lesbianism

Dancehall artiste Laden has released a single called ‘Witness’ which speaks of a lesbian relationship between his girlfriend and another woman. The song has created much talk on the Internet… leaving persons wondering if the song is based on an actual experience of the artiste. However, according to Laden, he was simply exercising a new topic.

“The song was not a real activity, it’s one of those topics that just stir controversy. A producer played the rhythm for me and I thought it was weird, so I decided that I needed a topic that was strange and that’s what I came up with,” he said.

The controversial lines that have drawn the attention of critics are in the hook when the singjay repeats, ‘First mi a witness this inna di world, catch my girlfriend kissing on a girl.’ He also went on to say his girlfriend had moved in with another woman.

‘A nuh just kiss alone, she and har move in, dem live at home. At first she sey har hair she did a comb and I believed that woman. You leave me for she, how could this be baby …. a girl tek wey mi girl and not even use har two hand,’ he sang.

Laden disclosed that many critics have shared the view that he is promoting lesbianism, however, he says the song merely highlights the reality of society.

dem thing deh a gwaan

“I am not promoting lesbianism but dem thing deh a gwaan inna the world and I don’t have a problem with two females kissing … music is about lifestyle and we don’t speak of things that are impossible. If yu check the ratio in a Jamaica a nuff girls a sey dem a bigger gyalis fi nuff man and mi nuh have no control over dat,” Laden said.

The song is currently receiving rotation on local radio stations, but Laden believes with more airplay, the song is destined to be a solid hit.

“The reception is good, the majority like it but critics are still there. If the song gets more airplay it will buss because mi sure if a certain artiste song it wudda buss already,” Laden said.

Laden recently returned to the island from shows in England alongside fellow Big Ship artistes Bramma, Chino and Stephen ‘Di Genius’.

The artiste is currently working on a new project with Cashflow Records. Laden also recorded a song called Gyal Professional for Big Ship Records and Shella on the Definite Edition label, which are expected to get major rotation this summer.

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