Lady Saw Tweets About Tying The Knot Soon, Hints About Upcoming Album

After proclaiming that she will no longer be doing dancehall as of August 31, it appears as though the Queen of the Dancehall Marion Hall aka Lady Saw may be adding the title of wife to her status

anytime soon. In a series of tweets posted on her verified Twitter page, Marion Hall told fans of her imminent marriage.

“@LadySawDHQueen: Tying the knot soon with just the pastor and one of my best friend Lisa no media just me n my boo,” she tweeted.

This came as a surprise to many as she recently did an interview stating that she was single and not looking for any potential spouses.

“@LadySawDHQueen: Bye peeps see u after the wedding, also giving myself to the Lord then finish my gospel album n come out brand new.”

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