Lady Saw wants to end beef with Spice, Tifa & Macka Diamond

Lady Saw looks like brand new woman and has has even hang up her dancehall queen title. The dancehall diva became a devoted Christian after attending the funeral of the late singer J Capri last week Monday. Since then she has been getting a lot of support but also some heavy criticism from some dancehall fans.

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One of the main criticism she has been receiving is for her beef with fellow female dancehall artists Spice, Tifa and Macka Diamond. Some fans questioned how genuine she is in her transition.

Lady Saw wrote an open letter to the media over the weekend explaining her transition.

“Since my conversion to the Christian faith earlier this week, a lot of people have suggested that I’m not genuine, Saw wrote. “But I didn’t make the decision. God did. Some people are making negative arguments that I did it to steal the limelight of dancehall artiste J Capri, whose funeral was held on Monday. It took me having to go to J Capri‘s funeral to become a Christian. I started conversing with God in the church. The Holy Ghost ‘dash’ it all over me. God did a transformation in my closet.

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