Laing don’t care much if Bounty Killer & Ninja Man attended Sting 2016 to collect award

Isiah Laing seems to be unperturbed by Bounty Killer and Ninja Man stance that they won’t be attending Sting this year to collect the award for their contribution to the event.

Following the announcement by organisers that this year’s edition of Sting will be designed to honour several artistes including “Bounty Killer” and “Ninja man” for their contribution to the establishment of the show over the years.

Bounty Killer said he would not attend the award because he doesn’t believe that it is a genuine act of appreciation and would, therefore, send someone to collect the award on his behalf.

Ninja Man also echoed similar sentiments stating that one of his children can collect the award on his behalf.

Isiah Laing in his response to the artistes told the Star that “he don’t have a problem with them not coming,” Laing told THE STAR. “If they want to send somebody to collect for them, then that’s fine. I’m just doing what I have to do.”

This year’s event is expected to be the last edition of Sting as starting 2017 the event will be taking on a different format and a change of name. It will be called One World Sting where it will be staged in a different country each year.

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