Lamar Odom moving around, may need kidney transplant

The family of Lamar Odom has sent out a press release in which they state that the former NBA player has taken a few steps since he was transferred from Las Vegas to a hospital in Los Angeles, California.

According to CNN, “in a statement released Tuesday, Odom’s aunt JaNean Mercer and the Odom family thanked doctors and nurses who cared for him at a Las Vegas hospital, asking supporters to keep praying for him.”

“As Lamar begins a new chapter in his road to recovery, PLEASE continue to uplift him and the family in prayer. He continues to make miraculous progress, taking a few steps in Los Angeles. We couldn’t be more overjoyed!” the statement said. “We realize Lamar’s continued improvement will not be easy, however his unrelenting strength and faith in GOD will pull him through,” the statement said.

Meanwhile USA Today reports that a source has stated that Odom may need kidney transplant despite the fact that a number of his organs, that had previously failed, have started functioning again.

Odom was found unresponsive at a Nevada brothel called the Love Ranch last Tuesday, following a three-day stay at the establishment. Police were told that he had used cocaine and sexual-enhancement supplements in the preceding days.

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