Lanmine triggers alarm at Airport with piercings

From eye tattoos to horns shooting from the head, the bizarre attempts by entertainers to create a shock value are never ending, but have backfired on one upcoming entertainer.

Lanmine was forced to abort a flight to Antigua yesterday (28/01/16) because of his over 56 piercings on his face.

Reports are that the new artist triggered the metal detectors at the Norman Manley International airport with his metallic facial body jewelry. The entertainer was told that he could gain access if he removed the jewelry from his face.

But according to Lanmine, to remove 56 piercings from his face at that point was not possible so he accepted the loss.

Following the September 11 bombings, airport security around the world has gotten intense resulting in travellers removing anything metallic including some belts, jewelry and other items.

However, Lanmine tells Music News that he has since taken the necessary steps to minimize the hassle when going through airports.

Lanmine was expected to do a promotional gig in Antigua that was organized by his management team.

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