Learn why… Miss Universe Jamaica Sharlene Radlein lost her crown

Miss Universe Jamaica, Sharlene Radlein lost her crown on Friday. 
The decision was made and principals made the announcement at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Monday at a Press Conference.

The reasons given for this action seems to be quite clear. Even though Ms. Radlein was carefully guided, in a manner that reflects the vision and ideals of the organization. She decided to act in a way that is seen as inconsistent with the culture of the pageant, both locally and internationally. This is what the Principals have revealed.

Her crown was taken away after she filed a law suit in the Supreme Court on July 20. The persons who are being sued by her are Mark McDermoth , Karl Williams the Managers for Miss Universe Jamaica, and Uzuri International Designs as they are the registered holder of the Miss Universe franchise. 

Ms. Radlein alleges that the lawsuit was necessary because the defendants are in breach of an agreement. As they should have awarded her a prize package, valued at more that $2 million, and this was due in January, but the cash prize portion of the prize was not given to her after all this time.

However the defendants have 14 days to accept the claims, served on them and 42 days to file a counter-claim outlining the facts on which they will rely, in order to dismiss the case.

We hope the disagreements will be sorted out in a timely manner and everything will return to normal, as soon as possible. As it would be good to have a Jamaican contestant in the 64 year old competition, when it is held in 2017.

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