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Lincoln disgusts me. U literally say in di song say u fuck her which u didnt. Ya pussy liad. Hype ya bloodclaat look. Yuh just waan belittle the b and make she lool some type a way. Bun me fi man like unnu

Smh pathetic excuse… It’s not just a song when a man a lie seh him fuck yuh. His intent was to basically make it seems like she’s just some property him tek a one fuck affa… completely disrespectful, ur song didn’t need Ishawna to promote more views

Jodel Thompson him sick mi stomach.. All gone dig up video weh gone long time..yes unu did good at one time but u cross the line a tell lie pon the girl pussy and so what if she send har number.. Goodly when foota a abuse har n she feel… Read more »

Pussy feelings

🙃🙃🙃 him can stop seh that now tpc