Lisa Hanna Agrees With Miss. Kitty After She Blast Ishawna Following The Miss. Lou Controversy

Ishawna has continued to receive backlash for the comment she made regarding Miss. Lou dressing.

“Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou,” Ishawna wrote. “#RipMissLou,” she added.

Since then she has received backlash from fans and including Miss Kitty who addressed the comment at Reggae Sumfest 2017 on Dancehall Night.

“Nuh dish towel cyaa diss Miss Lou… big up gal weh can read and write and these things,” Kitty told the audience.

Now Miss Kitty has garnered support from a well-known member of parliament Liss Hanna.

“Agreed @fluffymisskitty Throwback November 1993” Lisa Hanna captioned on her Instagram next to a 1993 picture of her wearing the bandana clothing.

Agreed @fluffymisskitty Throwback November 1993 #Bandana #NationalCostume #MissWorldCompetition1993 #MissJamaicaWorld1993

A post shared by LISA HANNA 🇯🇲 (@lisahannamp) on

“Remember I have most of my clothes made in Jamaica and I actually still wear the Bandana a lot. I use it to make scarves, hand bags, blouses. If you scroll through you’ll spot it. Some of you might even remember while I was Minister of Culture I brought back Festival Fashion with “Bandana wid demim ketch the festival Riddim” Hanna captioned in another post.

Ishawna had, however, respond to Miss. Kitty during an Instagram live interaction with her fans.

“Mi a stress dem all Summer 2017, dem a throw shade but dem still cyaa shine……,” she told fans. “Miss Kitty say mi dunce? Alright, that’s cute her body wan do…. her body wan do over, a that she fi guh worry bout…”

“She suppose to wear bandana, mi seh no table cloth a that mi seh, mi nuh really response.” Ishawna added.

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Ishawna needs to go get herself educated because if she was she wouldn’t have compared the bandana to a table cloth that was a blatant disrespect of our culture. She has time to respond to miss Kitty but up on till this time she doesn’t see it fit to apologize… Read more »

You have to know where you are coming from in order to know where you are going.
Alot of people fail to understand that so, they’re just about the hype .

A time u leggo off a dis thing where does it stop these society ppl how uno look cas cas so man The gunman them out a road a kill off people n uno da pa social media a a cuss when done a uno same one a call fe… Read more »

Watch ya now cho Lisa Hanna aren’t there bigger issues to deal with in the country?????!!!! Too much a one thing Kmt moving right along

All a unuh people a talk bout ishawna miss kitty an Lisa Hanna these people don’t know unuh , unuh keep arguing about some lose agrument unuh need fi look in unuh self an stop make these people feel so damn important when they look at these comments on Facebook… Read more »