Lisa Hanna Shares Tips On How To Keep Your Skin Looking Smooth

Want to keep your skin looking smooth?…Lisa Hanna is giving out free tips to ladies that are constantly asking her how she keeps her skin looking so smooth.

“Young women ask me all the time what makeup I use to make my skin so smooth?” she wrote on her Instagram.

“I always smile when they do because the answer is always “MakeUp doesn’t make your skin smooth it’s actually the other way around” she said

Check out the ten tips that Hanna say she use personally:

1. Drink a lot of water and stay away from soda and foods with processed sugar

2. Always wash make up off your face at night and use witch hazel to remove excess dirt with cotton or a rag

3. If you have acne buy a sulpur bar or acne soap over the counter just ask a pharmacist

4. Use moisturizer with sun block

5. Don’t pick at you face with your fingernails

6. Use a night cream after you clean your face at night. Maybe something with retinol, green tea … 7. Get sleep

8. Don’t smoke

9. Stay away from alcohol

10. Don’t use bleaching creams on your face it ruins the pigment and collagen producing mechanisms while only giving the illusion that your skin is smooth. After a while you face and skin is going to fall and wrinkle.

Lisa Hanna also stresses that “exercise is so important with resistance training it keeps your muscles tight plus You also don’t need to plaster your face with makeup. It clogs your pores and doesn’t give a natural look. Enjoy the skin you’re in #LisaHanna” she concluded


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