Lisa Hyper Blasts and calls Vanessa Bling “Plaza Slim” At M.I.A Awards

Even days after people are still talking about lyrical backlash receive by Vanessa Bling at the recent MIA Awards .

During a united performance with Raine Seville, Lisa Hype use the opportunity to through some series of insults at the shocked Vanessa Bling who was sitting a few feet away from her.

As the performance of the two continued the tension in the room became so tense that members of the audience taught that a fight would have soon ensued.

Vanessa Bling and Lisa Hype have been engage in an Lyrcal quarrel for some time, only recently did the female deejay release a video warning Vanessa Bling.

“A first mi ever a do a straight forwardInstagram video ’cause mi haffi talk up di tings dem,” Lisa Hyper said in the video.

“Wi neva run out of lyrics and melody. See the five years you get with Adijah Palmer, dat is nothing. Mi know him from mi a five so learn more than you idiot gal. Know weh you a do and know how you a throw word. Remember a me dis, right? Never change. Don’t mek dem fool you.” She added.

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