LISTEN: Muta Talks Popcaan “El Chapo”, Not good for dancehall… Steppin Razor [Audio]

Listen to this audio rip of Irie Fm radio program called Steppin Razor with poet/radio personality Mutabaruka. in this show Mutabaruka Talks Jamaican Music and artiste in dancehall on Steppin Razor 23/02/2017. this is the Steppin Razor on Irie fm.

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listen to the youth on the street .. this why most of our csrribean ban most off our music .. England do it recently

right now it albout about gun an who made the most duppy

the only thing change is our cultures. . an we Jamaican goes with whatever the music we hear .. so no one can tell me the today music don’t have anything to do with out violent today ..

it not about control .. I don’t play dance hall music in my house or car period .. ok kamar. . so he’s hearing it else where .. … let me say this from 90s an 80s our music change to the worst so is our kids today ..

So y u never seh alkaline buss head not good for dancehall