Did Macka Diamond Leak “Nipple Sucking” Photo To Promo New Single?

Exactly one year after raunchy pictures of a man seemingly performing oral sex on her were leaked on the Internet, dancehall artiste Macka Diamond is once again in the spotlight with another controversial picture.

This time, the picture features popular US-based comedian Majah Hype, who is seen in a compromising position with Macka Diamond.

Immediately following the release of the photo, social media was inundated with memes and posts, many of which had scathing words for both the artiste and the comedian.

The artiste received backlash from persons who felt that she was once again releasing controversial photos for publicity. However, Macka Diamond is refuting these claims.

“We did a video shoot in Brooklyn for my song Karma, and trust me, it is a nice, clean video. Nothing x-rated or anything like that. Somebody on the set saw us in a private moment and leaked the photograph. Right now we are just trying to investigate who the person is that violated our privacy,” Macka Diamond told The STAR.

Questioned as to whether she and comedian Majah Hype were involved in a romantic relationship, Macka Diamond said she had no comment on that matter.

picture is not from the video

“People are trying to manipulate the situation to let it look like the video is raunchy, etc., and that’s not the case. This picture is not from the video. This was not meant to be seen by anybody. It’s very frustrating,” she said.

Though disappointed that someone had violated her privacy, Macka Diamond stated that she will remain strong.

“Mi get the most fight inna the industry. This will only make me stronger. I just want my fans to know that I’m not giving up, I’m OK. People trying to tarnish my reputation but I’m gonna keep my head up. We are still looking into who released the picture, because we definitely can’t have people like that around us,” she said.

The video for Karma will be released in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, Macka Diamond says she is gearing up for more shows in the United States and the Caribbean.

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