Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall’s excitement

As the numbers dwindle on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, the excitement on the show seems to be increasing.

Most of Saturday’s excitement came towards the end of the show when contestants faced-off on the stage at D’Entrance, Constant Spring Road.

First to take the stage were the two remaining princesses, french and Tripple A. Although Tripple A was the favourite for most of this season, Ffrench managed to remove a few of her stripes with biting lyrics that seemed to make Tripple A forget some of her lyrics. Tripple A tried to recover, but struggled even as she tried to poke fun at herself by saying, “mi glad dis a nuh beauty queen” and “call mi Godzilla”.

At the end of that encounter, Skatta said Ffrench earned the money he gave her earlier in the night. While, Professor Nuts said, “Never underestimate your opponent.”

When the men performed, there was not much of a surprise, with Devin Di Dakta getting the better of Lava Vein. Before he even started his song, Devin said “nice try” in reference to Lava Vein and the lukewarm response his performance got. “Somebody shoulda warn Lava Vein seh my lyrics a nuh Java game,” Devin also deejayed.

Guest judge

The judges and contestants definitely found favour with Devin, with guest judge Ishawna saying, “You have it, you have it naturally.”

But a lot more happened at the beginning of the show, with Sean Di Vere and Angel Eyes being eliminated. There was also Foota Hype in the audience, as his ex-beau Ishawna acted as guest judge. Ishawna created quite a stir when she walked out to Daddy Screw’s Model Pon Yuh One Time Man, putting the audience in a frenzy. As she danced to the song, Foota Hype cheered and clapped in the audience.

Regular judge Miss Kitty was also absent from the show, and so too was the host, Yanique Barrett, who was replaced by radio personality Nikki Z.

Prior to their last performances, the remaining contestants also performed twice. All the songs were songs that were previously performed and also well received.

The show came to a close with a performance from Ishawna.

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