Male Fan Flirts With Foota Hype Online, Says He Is ‘Handsome As….’

Outspoken dancehall selector/producer Foota Hype has been getting a lot of attention lately with the recent triangular controversy surrounding himself, Ishawna and Lincoln 3dot.

Amidst all the controversy it appears as though Foota has attracted some unwanted attention along the way as a male fan made a comment on his Instagram earlier this week calling him “handsome.”

“I bought that fitted for a reason GS reminds me of Chicago bulls in their prime that’s y I love the team true champions GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS.” He captioned on his pic.

This caught the attention of Instagram user ‘Gregory High’ as he made a flirtatious comment.

It is believed that Foota hype have sinnce deleted the comment but not before fans got a screenshot.

“Damn you handsome as f**k sir,” High wrote with heart emojis.

This is my morning sexy look💗💗💗

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Them look like breda

What!!!! Y!!!!!!!

Lool…tanesha a real pussy dat mon…