Man Finally Laid to Rest After Body Spent 10 Years At Funeral Home In Kingston

A man whose body was locked away in a funeral parlour in downtown, Kingston for approximately 10 years have finally been laid to rest.

According to reports, this was as a result of a legal battle as to who should pay for his funeral expenses. Winston Roy Carby, who reportedly served as a pilot in the British Navy, took place earlier this year after the decade-long legal wrangling.

“I can confirm that he was buried,” the director of the funeral parlour that was holding the body, Michael Jones told Loop News on Thursday.

Reports are that in 2007, the man died leaving close to $40 million, property valued at over $25 million and instruction that monies from his property should be used to pay for his funeral expenses.

The funeral parlour owner, Jones said none of those wishes were honoured and for years he was left waiting on family members to bring the necessary documents and payments to allow him to proceed with the burial.

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That to show u how wicked people is never trust dem with u account


Why so long though?

10 years?????????

Really so family wicked bad then them Rader money that the man lay to rest