Man In Usher’s Lawsuit Claims Singer Expose Him To Him To Herpes During Spa Romp

Usher’s male accuser who claims the singer exposed him to genital herpes says the two had sex in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles.

Two women and a man who have started legal proceedings against the singer over allegations he didn’t reveal he had the incurable STD before bedding them.

The claims were made in legal papers filed as part of the lawsuit, reports MailOnline.

One of the women involved in the case claimed that she contracted the STD after she and Usher had sex at least twice. Later she became pregnant and gave birth to stillborn twins. She claims their deaths were because of herpes.

While both the women involved in the lawsuit have come forward with their identities, it is not clear which one made the claim about the stillborn twins.

The lawsuit claims Usher had vaginal sex with at least one of the two women and had “unprotected sex” with the man.

The man involved in the joint lawsuit alleges that he and Usher had sex in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles, according to MailOnline.


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