Marvin asked to turn himself in at any police station… While Female ‘dance partner’ defends Him

The saga involving Marvin the Dancer just refuses to die down, even with him now wanted by the police for questioning about his on-stage antics, following a probe of one highly-publicised incident.

The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) has advised Marvin to turn himself in at any police station or at the CISOCA office in Montego Bay, following an interview CISOCA officers conducted with a woman that Marvin and a group of other men were captured on video horsing around with, against her will, at a venue in Montego Bay.

In dancehall circles, the dastardly behaviour is said to be part of Marvin the Dancer’s ‘act’ as he has been known to carry out such routines in the name of entertainment on more than one occasion.

And now, another female who claims to have once been similarly treated on the ‘dance floor’ by Marvin, which was also publicised on a video, is now defending the dancer.

In a post on social media, the female had this to say, which was carried on Irie FM’s Music News on Tuesday:

“.. mi a seh yeh people, this a di girl weh Marvin did a dance with pon the sound box and pon di bar counter and when him drop wid mi and bruk the bar counter. Yeh people, mi nuh have a problem wid It, so why other people have a problem wid it and a guh pon him page and a talk up? Me nuh have a problem wid it, so why other people have a problem wid it? Unoo need fi stop it and stop guh pon him page and a talk a bag a things, because a nuh uno him a dance with.”

While that declaration may serve to further split the viewpoints on Marvin’s dancing antics, it is unlikely to dissuade CISOCA in its handling of the ongoing investigations into the on-stage activities of the dancer and his followers.

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