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10 Comments on "Marvin di Beast here dancing DECENT at his wedding [Video]"

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When you could not spend two minutes to dance with your wife at your Wedding.All who for better treatment of Woman rise up.

Why u never dance wid u wife wild so

whenever I see the ugly comments I just go through the profile because I know that ugly people make ugly comments,love is amazing and marriage is beautiful all the best youth respect.

His wife is not his baby Mother‼️ Marvin has one daughter, he didn’t get any kids with his wife‼️ Smh Ppl love chat bout ppl Bizniz weh dem no Knw….. I’m sure no one Knws the full story why he’s with Nickeisha,is he the first man who got married and it didn’t work out? Kmt! Dem need fi give de youth a break now man,him fight him way to the… Read more »
Derval Hall you don’t know the story why ppl making these harsh comments the girl he’s with in the video is his wife and babymorher and he use her to get his green card and he’s here in Jamaica posting up a lot of stuff with dhq nickesha and his wife is going to take him to court he sister out it all on instagram for the world to see… Read more »

He’s married for real Sue Young

Aaww bwoy, ladies why in christ name unuh nuh marry a man weh want unuh? N genuinely love unuh? Unuh tink green card n adda form a bribe aguh win dem heart kmt oh please

Who cares…next!

Love has no boundary

Which insane woman married this nigga?