Masicka and Ishawna Dating?

While Foota Hype continue to hit out on Masicka claiming that he is only lyrically potent but incapable of performing on live stage, Masicka has been demonstrating his ability to perform with Foota’s ex-girlfriend and baby mother Ishawna.

It have long been speculated that both entertainers are involved and the recent release of a duet between the two title “Regardless” have done nothing but enhance those rumours. Based on the lyrical content of the song many social media users have formulated their own conclusion that the two entertainers are indeed in a relationship.

The intro of the song starts by Ishwana singing “the f**k a cuase problem” to which Masicka responds “From mi push it inna you and take it out come in like it a mad dem”. Coul his b a jab at Foota?

“A masicka girl enuh… lol.. yow the thing loud”. One user posted on youtube

“something tells me footta hype nah go play this lolzz.” Another user posted.

In the meantime Foota have maintained that he could care less what Ishwana wants to do and he has moved on with his life.

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Who the fuck cares if they r dating. Ishawna baby, you’re free to fuck who ever you wanna fuck with ok..It’s nobody’s fucking business.

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Nuff a unu in yah a bash the gurl How true r the allegations she has the right to kive her life the way she wants to its her pussy but if the allegations r true n she running from one man to the next she must get her thing… Read more »

Mi hate these fucking ppl..unu nuh better..leave d fucking gal mind unu dutty nasty business.. D two a dem do a song together.. BBC. Man..

If the girl waa deh wid him a fi dem business dat…. Some a uno jus a fantasize bout d man dem an wish if a uno did have d chance fi fuck dem… Uno too badmind.. She cyaa stay single all her life and if one relationship Naah work… Read more »