Masicka Diss Aidonia After His Team Alleged Assault Of A Selector For Playing His Song

According to The Tropixs “Aidonia’s brother/manger Lalo assaulted Dancehall selector Rolex over the weekend after he reportedly played a Masicka single at a popular event”.

This led to Masicka and his manager Corey Todd addressing the issue on Monday on their Instagram accounts.

“Dont mek me hear you sing no more gun man song ya freak @aidonia4thgenna Selector strength yo have. Diss genahsyde”…Masicka wrote

Aidonia recently revealed in an interview that his song ” Banga” is a diss track for any artiste who “say dem bad.”

“A nuff a dem, mi nuh affi call no name, a just the unruly boss… skull a mi bredda that but anything else who seh dem bad a dem man, anyone a dem,” Aidonia said in an interview.

This was followed up by a gritty diss track by Masicka titled “Squeeze” which he aimed at Aidonia and also takes aim at Alkaline.


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But Im a Gena

Likkle fucking fool maskita

Yow y’all look a 4genna one voice a di don voice badness a nuh talking better him go cool and stop mek him boss pump him up

And that so true

Me deh deh life