UPDATED: Masicka Will Perform At Reggae Sumfest 2017

Dancehall artiste Masicka has returned to the lineup for Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Nihgt 2017.

Masicka was pulled from the lineup yesterday by his manager Cory Todd due to ‘contractual issues’ which stems from an alleged breakdown of communication, with Todd also citing the confrontation with Aidonia as an issue.

However, sources informed us that Masicka along with his manager after negotiations with the organizers of the event have decided to return to the Lineup and will be at dancehall night Friday, July 21st.


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#4thGenna enuh a wah do some man, Him a run lol Gaza can’t bk u in a deh war yah yute member say Didi a the only artist the Gaza Boss couldn’t answer enuh suh who is you…. #Jop #Aidonia tr88888

Dem coward like dawg joke this and a find a bag a excuse loose off a the genashyde

Angus Benn a that me a say them done make a deal saying that the man goin to work for 2:00 now them telling the him of to perform for 12:00 wah kinda a thing is that

This is intimidation and sumfest promoters are very unprofessional.

Onli bad fi mek phone call. 💣🔥..Banga ,man a banga💯💯💯💯