Mavado and Flexxx voices new collab

Dancehall artiste Flexxx has mended his friendship with the Gully Gad, Mavado. The two parted ways in 2012 after a radio interview in which Mavado denied that Flexxx was on tour with him after he was named a person of interest.

According to Flexxx, he was contacted by Mavado in the summer of last year.

“Me deh a me yard and see a number a call me, but me never recognise the number. Then I got a text saying ‘Gully’, so I answered the phone when the person called back and it was Mavado. We just do some big man reasonings and let bygones be bygones. We put the past behind us and we a work on the future,” Flexxx told THE STAR.

Since then, the two have collaborated on a new song with fellow artiste 3Star.

“We have a song that we did for Justus Arison of JA Productions. We nuh have a name yet, but, we voice it and mix it already,” he stated.

Questioned about his affiliation with both the Gully Side and Alliance Camp, Flexxx had this to say:

“Me a grassroots yute. Me never change. A so my ting set from morning. As for Bounty, me and the ‘General’ good. Nutten nuh change. Me and Killer nuh have no bad blood. Nutten nuh change deh so.”

He also recently opened The Flirtagious Sports Bar and Restaurant on Hagley Park Road and is set to release more new songs in the upcoming months.

“Me and Vado good. I know a lot of people haven’t heard from me in a while, but the ting hotter than before. My new song So The Ting Set by Stashment Records will be released soon, plus I’m working with some producers that I’ve had hits with in the past. Everything looks bright for 2015. I’m just gonna make the best of it,” he said.

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