Mavado Performs For 50,000 Fans In Gambia, The Biggest Event In Over 10 Years

Dancehall artiste Mavado is enjoying his time in Africa as he has been receiving a lot of love since he touched down in Gambia a couple days ago.

Mavado performed for over 50, 000 fans at the Independence Stadium Bakau on Saturday night and according to DHH this was the biggest event in Gambia in over a decade.

“Mavado has a home here in Gambia, we love him and love the work that he is doing and the impact he has on our culture,” organizers told DHH.

“Just watch me do it like its nutting much love goes out to my fans GULLYGAD,” Mavado wrote on Instagram along with a video clip showing the massive crowd.

Just watch me do it like its nutting 😃much love goes out to my fans GULLYGAD.

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In the meantime, the dancehall superstar was also given acres of land to build his next mansion in the country.

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Big League Mavado international Artist

Up gully vendetta

Mr . Brooks ❤❤

Long time Gully gad making history in this genre but instead of getting recognition he faces the biggest badmind in the business. Africa forever #Gullyside