MC Nuffy Says lyrical War Between Female Deejays Is good for Dancehall

Self-proclaimed artiste coach and clash referee, MC Nuffy has weighed in on the lyrical confrontation with female dancehall artiste Ishawna and Danielle claiming that the feud is good for dancehall.

Despite some fans and fellow deejays hitting out on the ladies with claims that they are getting too personal in their lyrics and disrespecting each other’s parents MC Nuffy believes there is nothing wrong with that.

“These people are singing against each other with bitterness, not keeping to the guideline of keeping musical and lyrical. In recent times, most of the rivalry and feud in dancehall is personal issues rolled over into music,” Bounty Killer said in a recent interview with the Star.

However, according to MC Nuffy, the lyrical feud between the Ishawna and Danielle D.I. is a great movement for dancehall and says the male artistes need to give the females a chance to shine.

He also adds that a deejay like Ninja man who has used the private life of his rivals is in no position to claim that the ladies have gone too far with their lyrics.

“Go take care a yuh half dead mumma, nuh you say she a battle fi life,” Ishawna sings in her song Walking Dead.

D.I. is yet to respond to Ishawna’s latest distract. When questioned about whether or not she will be responding during her recent interview with On Stage D.I. said the public would have to wait and see.

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