McGreggor/ Sandy Gully, Kingston – Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica [Video]

Footage of the McGreggor/Sandy Gully in Kingston premiered at the launch of International Coastal Cleanup Day 2015. The McGreggor Gully originates in Norbrook. St Andrew and joins with the Sandy Gully near Megamart on Waterloo Road. The Sandy Gully empties into Hunts Bay, in the north western corner of the Kingston Harbour. Once a vibrant fishery and recreational asset, Hunts Bay is now badly polluted, mostly from sewage, solid waste and pollutants coming down the gully, and agricultural runoff carried by the Rio Cobre River, which also empties into the bay.

Infrequent solid waste collection and the poor/ uniformed attitude of many people towards their garbage management contributes to many Jamaican gullies, drains and rivers being used as garbage dumps. Gullies, drains and rivers transport this garbage to the coast. Especially after heavy rains you will see coastlines littered with garbage brought there from inland. And there it ends up – our last chance before it is washed out to sea where it becomes significantly more difficult to cleanup. McGreggor/ Sandy Gully, Kingston – up close and personal
Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica

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